I want to take the time to say thank you Coty and Shawn and Berry..You guy's have accomplished so much. Me and all the parents want to say thank you for a great and fun year. And thank you for coaching the Pocola's 1st and 2nd grade football team. The kids were blessed to have you.

So proud of the team.

So proud of the team.

Friday, November 22, 2013

                            Pocola Indians practice..Can't wait until next year..

Friday, November 15, 2013

This is a video of Pocola's Oklahoma Indians 1st and 2nd grade game against Panama. We beat them, and was to suppose to go to the super bowl game. But panama protested us and won there case. They claim we added a kid to the roster and that's why they lost.The kid is a good quarterback for sure!
If you watch the game you can see the Defense won this game !They only scored 6 points.. They are not the team to beat or a super bowl team. The video say's it all, they will be remembered as the team that lost to the Indians and uses dirty tactics to advance. But that's OK. I just wonder what they will do if they loose the super bowl????????